People, people gather round and let me say what I have found.
Stones that glitter, simple rocks, wearing gold like fairy frocks
Cristal to say what you should do, who to love or what to ponder
How to make a lover fonder
How to crush that final fag, or keep it lighted
Now there’s a snag
How to laugh at all life’s folliy
How to make a world more jolly
Who to see and where to go, what to wear
So now you know
And so let’s rock, if needs must be, around the clock
And wear these jewels and trinkets gay
Change them, switch them every day
Or leave them be so all will know
The wearer’s fortune , what’s on show
Come on, come on and what the heck
This is Rock around my Neck !

In this spirit of happy derision, Delphine who has been making designer jewels since 2007, has added new elements to her collection.
Still on the move, bright and modern, these hand-made bijoux will enhance whatever you wear .

She shares her worshop and showroom with the designers of WayCustom, in the heart of Aix en Provence.